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Near the corner of

Bedford and Main

The sequel to

Bedford Avenue:


in a Small Town


Words of Wisdom from Bedford Avenue

...No one uses hindsight when cleaning up after their dog, though we all might be better off if we did.


...Walt rinsed his eyes first and then let the cold water run over what was left of his hair. "One of the few advantages of going bald," explained Walt, "it's easier to get stuff off your head."


...Watching a dog drop stones into a fish pond and try to catch the resulting splash in his mouth is entertaining at first, but not particularly helpful to the local fish population.


...Cradling his mouth, spitting blood, and holding a tooth in his hand, the next words uttered were, "Don't tell your mother." As if she would not notice this bloody mess walking in the house.


..."Obviously Mother Nature feels I haven't truly apologized for electrocuting my dog."


..."Where's the best place for ribs?"

"You want Mostly Franks, and no, they don't sell hot dogs."