Near the Corner of Bedford and Main is the eagerly anticipated follow up novel to Bedford Avenue: Incidents in a Small Town. Kristopher Schultz gathers his lovable group of characters together again in a new collection of stories about life in small town America. Walt Peterson, Maxine Baxter, Barry Reese, and the De Luca family all return for more engaging tales that will encourage you to grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, and read the latest on what’s new Near the Corner of Bedford and Main.

Bedford Avenue: Incidents in a small Town

Kristopher Schultz was born and raised in California. Kris is a married, middle-aged, empty-nester who has a strong desire to make his wife laugh. So when he's not teaching students or working in the yard, he's busily crafting stories in hopes of bringing a smile to her face. After the success of his first novel, Bedford Avenue: Incidents in a Small Town, a second book seemed the natural thing to do.


Near the corner of Bedford and Main

​​Bedford Avenue: Incidents in a Small Town is filled with folks you'd like to have as neighbors. The residents are warm and friendly... and for the most part non-harmful. Just don't let Walt Peterson help you fix anything around the house.
Kristopher Schultz weaves an engaging and loveable group of small town characters into a collection of stories you'll want to curl up with on the couch and read until you're ready to live on Bedford Avenue.

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